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A family owned and operated business, Russo’s offers an eclectic menu featuring an “All American” breakfast and lunch peppered with influences of Italian, Russian, Mediterranean, and Southern Coastal Comfort. Dinner offerings, only a couple of nights a week (reservations encouraged), take that same concept and turns it up. The lights dim, the piano player begins to tickle the keys, and the ever changing, always delightful dinner menu takes center stage. Entrees boast a wide range of select meats and seafood, homemade pastas, and imported influence. The primary differentiator at Russo’s is always passion, and coupled with Joey’s extensive expertise, there is no less than a lifetime’s joyful pursuit of mastery on every plate.

“Every good Italian will tell you they learned something from their grandmother.”

Joey Russo

One of the things that sticks with him the most about his grandmother is the way she would bring plates of food out to the beat cops on the street and displaying a passion for food and understanding of how a meal can bring together a community.

Family Owned


Joey Russo
Joey Russo has lived a life dedicated to the celebration of culinary artistry.


Joey Russo has lived a life dedicated to the celebration of culinary artistry. Born and raised in a large Italian family in New York City, his childhood was steeped in family, laughter, and a sense of welcome and comfort that often centered around the kitchen. He started cooking in earnest at 13 years old, working prep jobs all the way up through Italian eateries in NYC.

At 15, Russo moved upstate and worked under a German chef who opened his eyes to the greater world of cooking beyond his Italian roots. Working with this man sparked a passion and interest to continue learning the craft and to push beyond everything he had known before. He continued learning and aspiring, cooking his way through high school and college as he pursued a degree in poetry.

After helping a friend launch an Olive Garden and orchestrating the 300-400 meals that would be served during a typical dinner, Joey got a taste of the excitement that can come from a volume kitchen, and this ignited his passion for another aspect of the culinary life. He transferred to Johnson and Wales University in Norfolk, studying cooking techniques from all over the world.

While he was expanding his education, he was also honing his skills in Norfolk area restaurants such as Aldo’s (sophisticated Italian Piano Bar) and Bellmonte’s. His first sous chef position was at the esteemed fine dining restaurant in The Cavalier in Virginia Beach, but he continued cooking at Aldo’s because it kept him grounded to his childhood roots.

Just a short jaunt south of the tidewater area, the intense, seasonal challenges unique to the Outer Banks beckoned. Over the years, Joey worked with some of the best restauranteurs and chefs on the beach such as Kelly’s, Colington Cafe, Duck Woods Country Club, Grits Grill, Paper Canoe, and Flying Fish.

Now with Russo’s, Joey brings his 35 years of experiences, influences, and creativity to bear on every entree, serving up delicacies with an unrivaled passion for quality and satisfaction. Every meal is a labor of love that produces “something for everyone” by melding diverse influences such as Mediterranean, Italian, Russian, and Southern Coastal Comfort.

Olga Russo
Olga was raised in Belarus and came to America in 2004 to see some of the world.


Olga was raised in Belarus, Russia, and came to America in 2004 to see some of the world. She has a law degree, a talent for business, and a love of people. Her extensive background in hospitality includes over 10 years experience at The Good Life, which she and Joey purchased in 2017 to make their own.

Her Russian influences and real life approach to cooking has been inspirational to Joey over the 10 years of their relationship. She now manages Russo’s restaurant, putting her years of operational, management, and culinary experience to very good use!



How late do you serve breakfast?

Breakfast is served from 8 am until 3 pm.

Do you offer table service?

For Breakfast and Lunch we have partial service. You order your food at the counter and we will bring your food out as soon as its ready. We have full service for dinner in a more formal setting.

Can I eat outside?

Yes, our outdoor patio is covered and has picnic tables and bench style seating.

Do you sell beer and wine?

Yes, wine is sold by the bottle and glass, beer is sold by the bottle. We do not have draft beer.

Do you have a full service bar?

Yes, our bar offers liquor, wine, and beer throughout the day. However, NC law prohibits the sale of alcohol until after 10am on Sunday’s. We do not offer draft beer.

Do you offer vegan meals?

Yes, we can accommodate various dietary meal requests.

Do you allow dogs?

Yes, our outdoor covered patio is dog friendly.

Do you serve Cappuccino, Espresso and other coffee drinks?

Yes, we have a variety of coffee drinks available.

Are you child friendly?

Yes, we are family friendly and have highchairs for children.