Let Joey


Our Chef,

Your Home

Experience gourmet dining for the whole family in the comfort of your home. We will bring our full dining experience to you. All of the food for the evening will be prepped and prepared on location in your kitchen. This is an immersive, interactive experience where you will have full access to watch and interact with Joey as he prepares a delicious feast customized to your requests and your group size. Afterwards, everything will be cleaned up and taken care, immersing you in the luxury of a fully catered evening!

Call us at 252-480-2855 to have Joey cook for you!

“The only reason you will know I was there are the stories you heard and the leftover food in your fridge.”

“It’s a gift to have connections that last over many years where I am invited into your home to cook for your family. It’s real life.”

Joey Russo